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At the heart of the Sawaiia brand is an unyielding devotion to the art of jewelry making and the pursuit of technical and creative innovation. Reflecting our times but also drawing from an array of classical inspirations, the Sawaiia brand combines old-world jewelry making craftsmanship with cutting edge, ultra-modern manufacturing techniques and innovative, modern designs. The result is jewelry that is statement making yet understated, bold yet quietly sophisticated, modern yet classic. 


Our founder and head designer, Fady Sawaya, brings almost 35 years of experience in design and jewelry making. Having mastered the traditional techniques of fine jewelry making at a young age, his creative interests quickly shifted towards trying new techniques in jewelry design and manufacture including three-dimensional drawings, layering and resin-molding. These advanced techniques earned Sawaya the reputation of an innovator and creative visionary. His talent was not unnoticed by some of the world’s leading jewelry houses such as Maison Birks of Canada where Sawaya was invited to work as a design consultant.


The Sawaiia studio is located in the heart of Montreal. Multi-cultural, cosmopolitan and heavily influenced by European fashion trends, the city is the perfect backdrop and source of inspiration for the Sawaiia brand.

We pride ourselves on being 100% Canadian made and serving a highly sophisticated local and international clientele.

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